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We are professional dealers and manufacturers of Barn Door Hardware for Homeowners and the Trade.


Our website is devoted to those people who find it difficult to get professional guidance on innovative hardware accessories. We have developed our website and crafted the business to give solutions to those who are in the search of finding barn door hardware products. Here you will get expert supervision on Barn Door Hardware or Industrial Hardware.


Our mission is to help you to get top class material in terms of doors and hardware. We deal in the domestic market and we also export


American Mart is always here to complete the need of sliding door hardware. Our consumers understand when we state, we have the biggest collection of barn and sliding door hardware online, and  we have a great customer service staff to manage all these things smoothly.



What is the Unique about American Mart


There are many other online stores and manufacturer in the market. What is unique about American Mart? With the tremendous shift of local and physical shopping to online shopping, we have developed our website in order to cater to all the needs of customers. We have endeavoured  to make it simple and possible for customers to get, and buy online the barn door hardware they need, while offering  a comprehensive collection of customized alternatives such as color and track length.


 If you need assistance in placing your order, you can call us. Our commitment  to excellent customer service and quality products always remains our first priority.


Consumers who are searching for barn doors and sliding bars doors choose American Mart.  The reason behind choosing us is that we are experts in sliding doors and barn door hardware and accessories.




What are the reasons for choosing America Mart  


Quality standards of the products are high: We deliver top quality material because we know  exactly clients want from us.


Dedicated team for customer service: Our team is dedicated to the customer, and every single question is handled with concrete solutions and hardcore professionalism


 Simplified  Return Policy   

 You may return the merchandise for any reason, as long as you follow our easy return policy:

Unused, unscratched merchandise will be gladly refunded, minus the shipping cost upon receipt of the item.